Sun's reasons for trampling on the AMD partnership

From the Sun announcement slide (with my comments on this colour):

Intel In The Enterprise
• Moore's Law strong as ever
> Higher performance, lower power, lower costs
> Transistor budgets enabling integration of enterprise technologies on to the chip
• Time to market with leading products
> First to quad core (Sun doesn't buy the 'native' quad core excuse from AMD)
> Xeon processors break broad performance records (This should be the last word on performance - OEM adoption)
• New investments, technology
> 45nm technology is healthy. Coming late 07

Why Intel?
• Technical excellence (meaning AMD is severely behind)
• Processor roadmap (meaning AMD's K8L and future proucts are poor)
• Tremendous brand and reach (AMD's useless in marketing)
• Market expansion (Demand for the Opteron has saturated, if not shriking)
• Common vision (AMD's fusion and lack of vision going forward frightens SUN)

The frightening bit about this is that SUN knows what AMD has to offer. SUN would have been in close communication about the progress of K8L. We don't know what SUN knows, but all we know is that it isn't convince with what AMD have and made a decision to go Intel.

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Shrikou, Ph. D said...

Sun is an insignificant volume OEM. It will not in anyway affect Intel's downward spiral to BK in Q2'11.