Another wider-than-expected loss for AMD

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - PC chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD.N) posted a wider-than-expected loss in the fourth quarter as worldwide demand for PCs continued to shrink.
AMD reported on Thursday a net loss of $1.42 billion, or $2.34 a share for the quarter ending December 27, compared with a loss of $1.77 billion, or $3.06 a share, a year ago. Excluding certain items, the company posted a loss of 69 cents a share. Analysts, on average, had expected a loss of 56 cents a share, according to Reuters Estimates.
Revenue for the second-largest maker of central processing units for personal computers fell 33 percent to $1.16 billion, compared to analysts' estimates of $1.19 billion, according to Reuters Estimates. AMD said it expected revenue in the first quarter to decrease from the fourth quarter.

If AMD never made money during the best market condition, what hope is there when the economy is at its worst. For the first time the talk of bankruptcy for this company can never be more serious. Looking at the bright side of things, the Zoners could finally get a life.


Wait no more

If some of you have some spare money by the end of this month to buy a new computer and have been waiting for some comparison between AMD's 45nm Shanghai against Intel's new Nehalem, well wait no more: Link (Thanks to Axel).

The good news is that PhenomII has shown significant improvement over Phenom. But then this shouldn't be a surprise considering Phenom was a step back from Athlon64. Two years and a process node later, AMD finally defeats Intel's Q6600. If some call this as AMD being back in the game, so be it. All I wish is for some of our friends to return and have something to say. Their silence is deafening.