Intel tapes out 45nm Penryn while AMD stll at 65nm birth pains

Report from Dailytech:


"Sources inside Intel have confirmed the company recently received the taped-out 45nm Penryn processor. Reports from the ensuing champagne toast claim the first Penryn boot was capable of booting Windows."

Intel's core architechture that obliterated AMD's processors from the gamers and enthusiast landscape is coming soon for another round of beating. Already competing against intel at 3 price points down, this will further drive AMD to the Celeron market.


Sharikou, Ph.d said...

It won't matter, Intel BK by Q2'10.

Anonymous said...

when intel is at A0 stepping, they can release by 6 months. depending really on urgency due to market conditions.

No rush now as AMD is a way behind is anything its almost laughable.

Anonymous said...

Sharikou, Ph.d you are really, really sick. Hospital is waiting for you.

Kalle said...

"Intel BK by Q2'10"

10? Why the deadline slipped by two years?

Roborat, Ph. D. said...

I think the "10" stands for how many times he revised his prediction.