AMD posts Q4 loss, cries Monopoly!

AMD said late Tuesday it swung to a fourth-quarter loss due to charges related to its purchase of ATI Technologies - a good cover for an obviously lousy quarter. AMD reported a fourth-quarter net loss of $574 million, or $1.08 a share, compared with net income of $96 million, or 21 cents a share, a year ago. Sales were $1.77 billion vs. $1.84 billion a year ago -- matching Wall Street's estimate. And that's including ATI.
Excluding the ATI Tech deal, AMD said its operating income was $63 million on sales of $1.37 billion compared with operating income of $272 million on sales of $1.35 billion. AMD offered a soft sales forecast for the first quarter of $1.6 billion to $1.7 billion as if ATI isn't expected to make sales.

Some CC highlights:

  • Hector Ruiz "spoke from the gut" and in a predictable AMD manner, called Intel a monopoly on a down quarter. It's always good to have a monopoly to blame whenever you need one.
  • Hector admitted that they forced Intel to be "efficient" and were caught off guard.
  • AMD promised to focus on cost and shift product mix as a way to fight the ASP decline
  • AMD will not bundle products, unlike intel. OEM platform design bundle offering only.
  • Quad Core server out in summer and expected to get back "perform, perf/watt crown"
  • Looks like AMD will lose more server share as they shift to 4P

Generally it was a gloomy conference call with AMD nothing much to offer in easing investor concerns.


Sharikou, Ph.D said...

I told you I was correct! AMD BK in Q2'08. Watch them amass a huge debt with no way of paying.

Anonymous said...

Sharikou said that???????
Is he going crazy???????

Anonymous said...

Yeah whats going on here? Although at the current rate there stock is going and the losses there taking theres a slim chance it could actually happen.