Sharikou responds to AMD's warning

How do you respond to a situation when the essence of your blog, to preach Intel’s bankruptcy in QX’XX, falls flat on its face? What do you say when the company you lay claim will become the industry leader fumbles and reports a warning?
One way is to present information that suggest that AMD is going through a difficult but temporary situation and another way is, well, if you don’t really know anything, is to make up a childish fictional phone call conversation between the rival’s CEO and Chairman.

Looks to me like a very poor attempt to rid the people who support Intel the joy of seeing AMD suffer. Who the hell cares about Paul not getting his bonus?
Try again Sharikou, because we can still remember “AMD frags 75% of Intel’s”, “Intel frags itself with Core2Duo”, “Intel BK in Q2’08”. Absolute classics.


Sharikou, Ph.D said...

I never said Intel will be BK in Q2'08.

Anonymous said...

Finally a view from the other side!