Q4 2006 market share

Intel down 74.4% from 76% in Q3'06
AMD up 25.3% from 23.3%

Intel up 77.7% from 76.3% in Q3'06
AMD down 22.3% from 23.7%

Intel down 70.4% from 72.45 in Q3'06
AMD up 29.1% from 26.6%

Intel down 80.6% from 83.2% in Q3'06
AMD up 19.4% from 16.85

AMD margins fell to 40% in the last 3 QTRs from 57% a year ago.

Not all that bad then for AMD assuming of course that thier long-term strategy of "breaking the monopoly" is on course and will work before they run out of money and creditors.


Sharikou, Ph. D said...

I told you I was correct with my 40% market share run rate.

Deep Thought 86 said...

Once the major hurdle of OEM acceptance is overcome, AMD basically no longer needs to spank Intel in order sell chips. They merely have to be competitive, which they are in everything except the high-end of the market. Intel has got an undisputably better platform for 1P and many 2P server situations and that's enabled them to claw back some market-share.

But the inexorable erosion of mobile marketshare should worry them next. Neither Merom nor Turion has big performance gains this year, yet Turion continues to gain, and at an accelerating pace. Plus a lower power, split power plane update will make it even more competitive, along with some decent performance, low-power ATI chipsets. This is AMD's below the radar gain which probably keeps Otellini up at night nowadays. The mobile sector contributes a major chunk of Intel's profits, and they can't afford to have it hit the way server was.

Scientia from AMDZone said...

AMD should be fine as long as they can keep reducing costs. This should happen as a higher percentage of production is on 300mm.

Also below the radar are the desktop chipsets with integrated graphics which go unnoticed by consumers but are important for commercial sales.