Sharikou's Journal Loses the Argument

This doesn't mean Sharikou had a case for argument in the beginning. Anyone claiming Intel's bankruptcy any time soon (Q2'08) or AMD's 30% market share "run-rate" only attracts ridicule followed by the immediate loss of credibility.

After the controversial existence in the blogosphere we can finally conclude once and for all that Sharikou has lost the argument. Godwin's law states that whoever mentions Nazi's or Hitler in a discussion loses the debate.

Sharikou said: "I once concluded that Intel's exclusionism has its roots in NAZIsm."

End of discussion.


Anonymous said...

That isn't proof that he's lost the debate. The fact that he doesn't bother with his "BK" predictions and doesn't mock Intel the way he used to, that shows that he's lost the debate. He has reduced himself from playful trolling to angry comments made solely out of spite.

Which means that his blog, which was pretty useless to begin with, has actually degenerated further. It used to be good for a laugh, but now there's really no reason to pay attention to him. He is suffering the worst of fates-- fading into obscurity.

Anonymous said...

the best thing you did was to ignore him... i just wish the rest do so.

Intel Fanboi said...

Actually, he predicted a 40% run rate.

Anonymous said...

I'd guess Sharikoo-koo will again ignore the massive loss for the 3rd quarter that AMD will be posting in the next couple of weeks. Similarly, he'll ignore Intel's profits for the same quarter.

He will never admit it, but I'd bet that AMD's lousy execution over the last year must be really frustrating to him and the fanbois who follow him. Everything AMD touches turns to crap: Late, underperforming, shrinking market share, etc etc etc. Their last hope is suing Intel...

JumpingJack said...

Shakiraboobalobaboob has been the running joke of the internet since he poisoned the finanical chat pages at Yahoo-Finance.

They guy off his rocker, I really wish he would seek professional help.

Sadly, there are a handful of others who share is psychological-delusional disorder.

Vic said...

Oh, you're not giving him enough credit.
He'll be back in a few weeks, claiming that the "soon to be released" 2.5 ghz Barcelona will "frag" Intel's best in any "fair" benchmark that has not been "unfairly optimized to work only on Intel".
You can bet on it.
On the other hand ... maybe he's finally lost it.

DaSickNinja said...

I suppose this is what happens when crack babies use the internet.

Anonymous said...

I don't really want to see it happen but it would be funny is amd went bankrupt in q2 2008 lol

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