AMD: X2300 Mobility Radeon Works Best With Core2Duo

It appears like AMD has found a better way of selling its mobile graphics processors... and its not using their own mobile CPU. AMD's dilemma in the mobile space is quite obvious. Turion + X2300 does not a high-end laptop make. The niche market that x2300 was designed for is securely controlled and by Intel's mobile C2D. At the end of the day, i guess it's all about making money.
AMD's link: http://ati.amd.com/buy/promotions/asusa8jr/index.html

If you're an die hard AMD fan, don't be annoyed just yet because it seems that according to AMD: "Intel Chooses ATI’s Radeon® Xpress 200 Integrated Chipset" in one of its Motherboards.

Where has pride and dignity in the industry gone to these days?


Anonymous said...

AMD too slow. K8 Griffin will trail Nehalem.

yomamafor2 said...

Well, we live in a capitalistic world. Money is the new language, as well as the new code of conduct, for this society.

I wonder what would those 300 Spartans say if they see this..

SPARKS said...

AMD will sell it's soul (and it's investors) to get out of the red. Here is the proof. Make no mistake they are hurting big time, if you had any doubts.

antijordin said...

AMD can't beat AMD.

Anonymous said...

Given the choice between selling and not selling this product, why wouldn't they try to sell it?

After all AMD is all about "enabling the ecosystem" and giving the customer choice... It also gives new meaning to "better by design" :)

Seriously though - Intel is going to sell the mobile CPU's regardless, AMD might as well try to get a small piece of the pie... Business is not about pride.

The chips come out of foundry business anyway so it's not like it's taking up CPU manufacturing capacity.

scottishbob said...

Oh come on, lad! Commercial enterprises never had any soul, and shouldn't have any soul. That's the point of capitalism, innit? Pains me to say this laddie, but you're just trying to poke sleeping dogs like me into responding, aren't you?

Anonymous said...


"Oh my. The 8-core Opteron system beats the 8-core Barcelona system. True, the Opteron CPUs are running at 3GHz while the Barcelona is supposed to running at 2.6GHz, but the clock difference is only 15%, and even if you assume spec scaled perfectly with clock speed, the Barcelona at 3GHz would only beat the Opterons by about 10%. It should also noted that the Opteron system might be slightly handicapped against the Barcelona by being a 4S rather than 2S system.

Oh, my, my. Barcelona only has maybe a 5% advantage over the Opterons.

Hey, these are results from AMD's Chosen Benchmark run by AMD itself. It's not my fault they reveal that Barc is just a slightly tweaked Opteron.

Pathetic, clock for clock 8 core Barcelona (compared to a 4P Opteron) only has a 5% performance advantage in floating poitn and 15% in integer.

No wonder why AMD is so quiet about Barcelona because it's already pre-fragged by Clovertown. Talk about a 40% performance advantage.

Anonymous said...

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Intel set to announce graphics partnership with Nvidia?


scottishbob said...

It all begins and ends with sneakers, doesn't it? When corporate America allowed sneakers into the boardroom, all semblence of pride left the workplace. And now you have Intel promoting AMD, and AMD promoting Intel. All with half-socks that bare hairy male ankles. Makes my inner Scot want to get a cheap Canadian whiskey for solace.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Cheap Canadian Whisky? I use it to strip paint in my shop out back.

Anonymous said...

Barcelona delayed. Again!

Anonymous said...

Poor Cray. That's what happens when you put all of your eggs on a torn basket.

Maybe this will make IBM freconsider its stance on being Opteron socket compatible in the future.