Aceshardware Going Away

Aceshardware Offline

Bit of a sad news as one of the best technology forum on the Internet is about to flip the switch.

"Just to let everyone know, our hosting agreement is ending this month and I will be decommissioning the Ace's Hardware server at the end of the week. From this point forward, the site will no longer be online, though email should still be active. I don't have a clear picture as to the immediate future of the site at this point, but there have been various ideas kicked around and plans are in development. Hopefully, the site will return at some point and begin to grow again".-Brian Neal

Hopefully the plans to revive the site (or continue the forum) on the shoulders of Johan works out fine.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Computex would have been the launch of Barcelona. Except when Dementia twist its words to now say that Computex is no place for servers ?

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised. Scientia spreading garbagé.

Dailytech at least seems excited about Intel's EXOCHI environment.

Start off, Dailytech isn't tgdaily smarty.

However, I think they forget that AMD started this last November with CTM.

I'm sure that ATI just woke up with the idea and that in 7 months, Intel comes up with something that is similar but isn't? In what way they are similar I'm not sure, good for Scientia to boast about another AMD paper part, like DC2, Torrenza, K10, DTX, and good for Scientia to say that Intel "copies".

I certainly hope their software team is better than their hardware team because they just got through quietly releasing a patch for C2D and any bugs in the management layer could crash the whole system or cause serious system errors. For example, it apparently creates new threads without the OS's knowledge.

This is exactly what fanboys do, attack their not favorite company even when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and exacerbating the "problem". So what is the problem? Who knows, since apparently, millions of Conroe has been problem free, but does Intel need drivers for power management or dual core? Fannies.

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal dual core comes in March