Centrino Pro - Miles away from competition

Intel released its newest mobile platform this week codenamed Santa Rosa. Quite a lot of IT proffesionals and some of them I know personally are waiting for this release and should spur a small jump in corporate mobile sales.

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel today launched four new Core 2 Duo processors as part of the much anticipated “Santa Rosa” platform, which not only enhances the Centrino platform core components, but offers completely new features such as optional flash cache as well as wireless broadband capability.

Is it me, or does it looks like Intel is miles away not just in promoting the Centrino brand but in mobile innovation as well. All AMD could do in their press release last week is claim to have similar capabilities.


Anonymous said...

While Intel innovates and posts high profits AMD posts huge losses. Nvidia has also reported a nice profit for their Q1 results.

Anonymous said...

While I think Intel gets a bad rep from the fanboys about Centrino - like it or not Intel has made wireless ubiquitous and they have been out in front in terms of power in the mobile space and driving the overall growth in mobile space.

That said I think in 2008 AMD will start to get competitive as they start gaining traction on chipsets and perhap releases their mobile chip re-work (was it called bulldozer?). I haven't seen any roadmaps with K10 mobile (I've only see server and desktop products) - does anyone know if they are planning on doing this in mobile space.

It seems odd that as mobile is fastest growning CPU segment, that AMD would not have a k10 version, or if they do they would release it after desktop which has been diminishing in terms of both volume and revenue share in terms of overall x86 market.

I do wonder and have some concerns over how well Robson will work in real life applications though - interesting technology but I wonder how well it will be implemented. Anyone have any information on this other than the limited demos that have been seen (those seem to be in very controlled and specific environments).

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with AMD, showing off their old 45nm SRAM at this stage of the game???