AMDZONE against the Coalition of the anti-AMD

One must feel sorry for AMDZONE News poster Chris_Tom. Lately his role has become like Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Iraqi information minister prior the invasion of Iraq. For Chris, the reality of the situation about AMD’s decline, both in terms of performance and finance doesn’t matter. For him all that matters is what he says and gets to say it last.
The barrage of negative news about AMD has turned him against just about everybody who has nothing good to say about AMD. The same analysts whom he loved to quote a year ago when it was all about AMD’s rise can no longer be trusted today. The same review sites which he posted 2 years ago showing AMD’s K8 taking the lead are today either biased or under Intel’s payroll. Today he’s after SGI.

SGI has pushed a press release about a new Xeon setup they sold to International. Frankly I'm surprised SGI is still in business, but putting flat out lies as a press release won't help them. So now Opteron is 3-5 times slower than Xeon eh? The press release fails to mention any details about the Opteron setup they are replacing. A 3-5 times faster mention makes this an Apple press release. Are Apple spinners doing the same for SGI? It sure sounds like it. The facts are head to head tests of Opteron and Xeon, in the latest incarnations clearly show that there is no 3-5 times gap in performance for either CPU. That is just nonsense. As a 77 International Scout II owner I'm pretty disgusted that International has been dragged into this one. “

And just like every single one of his evangelical-style rebuttal of anything bad about AMD, he doesn’t offer any argument. All he does is attack the news writter calling them a liar, incompetent or clueless. Why should he? His readers don’t seem to demand counter arguments. Maybe attacking the messenger and not acknowledging the message gives its readership the comfort and the illusion they need in this crisis. Do they honestly think this will alter the reality of AMD’s downward spiral? I have no idea what they think. But I do know what happened next when Saeed al-Sahaf repeatedly said there were no American soldiers in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Funny how that site become the AMD support group. Comforting each other for their loss.
Forum is almost dead. I suppose nobody wants to talk about the second best processor.

Anonymous said...

Another awesome observation. Yep sounds like AMD fanbois alrite always coming up with excuses....numa.....bias benchmarks.....paid sites......old arch versus new arch......every excuse in the book. Pathetic!!!

Are you coming up with any predictions like sharky like the BK in Q2,08 for AMD??/