64bit NUMA benchmarks confirms AMD's obsolescence

Finally a comprehensive benchmark that proves that AMD's Athlon doesn't work better in 64-bit mode or with the NUMA enabled Windows Vista. This is yet another painful blow for the aging microarchitechture from AMD.

From the Tech Report:
CONLCUSION: The fact that Intel retains the overall performance crown comes as no surprise. As we said at the outset, AMD has no real answer to the Core 2 Extreme X6800 among its dual-core processors. Also, Intel's quad-core CPUs tend to scale better than AMD's Quad FX platform, especially for typical desktop-class applications. Our move to Windows Vista x64 has done little to alter this dynamic. At the same time, Core 2 processors tend to draw less power and to be more energy efficient—sometimes markedly so—than Athlon 64s. Right now, Intel has the magic combination of a superior processor microarchitecture and a more mature, fully realized 65nm manufacturing capability working together on its side.


Not Penix said...

Good post i mentioned this back a while ago on scientia's blog although apparently I was wrong to point out this report, to it it seems much like your saying NUMA is not the saving grace amd had hyped up

Roborat, Ph. D. said...

NUMA was more like a convenient excuse in light of the 4x4 PR disaster.

nothing much you can do at Scientia's blog once they've decided that you're wrong.

still can't understand how AMD will have an excellent 2007 according to them.

Anonymous said...

You sir are doing God's work. Thank you for this blog site as sharky and scientia are jokes!!

Anonymous said...

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