AMD cries unfair while Intel takes server share

From the Register:
"Intel and AMD have embraced a divide and propaganda approach to tout their upcoming server chips. The two vendors today held press events in San Francisco at the exact same time, forcing journalists to pick between the giant and the underdog... Top reporters from the likes of the Wall Street Journal and CNET made the same decision (ignore AMD). Not AMD's finest hour from a planning standpoint, as you can tell."

It's hard for journalists and enthusiast to be excited about anyting AMD has to say. Intel has been coming out with impressive demos and aggressive products. Conrast to AMD who been announcing losses, delays and releasing sub-standard parts. Even its up and coming Barcelona hasn't been seem running anything. It's no wonder nobody is interested.

"The company's collection of some 20 Opteron-beating benchmarks prove that AMD will struggle against Xeon for months to come – even when it releases the four-core Barcelona chip – according to Intel's VP Tom Kilroy.
AMD has charged that Intel's benchmarks are unfair because they compare the latest and greatest Xeon against an older Opteron. To that claim, Intel says, "Pah." It always compares against AMD's freshest published results. AMD ought to publish new benchmarks more quickly if it wants to play.
Without question, the Xeon line looks pretty impressive these days, despite Intel's reliance on aging technology such as the front side bus. Intel claims that it now takes 9 out of 10 new server wins on Wall Street – quite the change from last year."

Understandably AMD doesn't want to publish their latest results because that would take away their excuse that Intel is unfair in comparing its latest from AMD's older Opteron. Not that it really matters because all major review sites have already demonstrated how the Opteron lags the new Xeons in real life applications - by a very substantialy margin. AMD's whining will not help stop Intel's rate of 9/10 new server design wins. They need to release Barcelona before Penryn comes out otherwise they would look like they're not even trying to catch up.

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