Sharikou Sounds Desperate

Sharikou said:
Patty sounds desperate
You have to be nuts, he said. The cruel reality is more and more Intel exclusive OEMs are switching to AMD and Intel's market is shrinking fast.
Funny, latest market numbers showed Intel actually grew.
I still don't undterstand why he thinks AMD adoption means dropping Intel.

Intel will exit 2006 with less than 25% of its products being Core 2, leaving 75% of its products total junk.
Lets assume for a moment that there is truth to this statement. What he doesn't realize is that this 25% is the high end, high ASP segment that AMD has been driven out of. That high-volume low ASP 75% garbage of the market is where AMD is swimming in.

That's why you don't see AMD in a hurry to bump up clockspeed or release K8L.
Again, very funny as we can see AMD's poor attempt for a clock increase with its X2 70 series. It has become obvious now that K8 has hit a wall. So much for SOI!

K8 is more than enough to frag Intel.
In his world "frag" means "barely keep up" while destroying the environment.

The $140 Athlon 64 x2 3800+ is faster than 75% of Intel CPUs.
Meanwhile Intel's $300 6400 is faster than 100% of AMD's CPUs

The $50 Sempron is faster than 50% of Intel's CPUs.
has started designing a 8 core chip. However, the solution for heavy computing needs will be solved using Torrenza and specialized co-processors. I can forsee an Azul Vega2 chip with Java capability plugging into a Torrenza socket, or a PERL6 chip that is 100x faster in doing RegEx. As AMD64 becomes more and more powerful, and Torrenza able to meet any specialized need. The RISC architectures such as Power are pretty much goners.

Too bad AMD will be bankcrupt by 2008. What AMD go back into the red next CC.


Anonymous said...

AMD really screwed up ATI. Not only is it losing market share, it just lost 80% of the revenue it gets from the Intel platform.
I can see already see the layoffs.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad time to be an die-hard AMD fanboy. Imagine their dilema when buying a new PC: betray AMD and go with a better Intel CPU or stick with AMD and end up with an already obsolete PC.

tough choice.

Sharikou Ph.d said...

I chose to buy the Core2Duo.

Anonymous said...

I love how you comment on your own blogs with the name sharikou. That's just briliant