AMD's blunder culture rubbing off to ATI


Thanks to AMD, ATI is now losing market share, delayed in releasing R600 and is having problems with heat in their products.

I wouldn't have thought any company can merge cultures this rapidly. Ever since being taken over ATI all of a sudden behaved like AMD.

AMD is never a natural leader and will never be comfortable leading. See how fast they have fallen back and fallen back hard. I am also not quite sure that they can handle such a large organization as they are now.

I can only see this company shrinking back to its original size. AMD only have a history of being second fiddle. Sadly, this is how they perceive themselves and ATI will only absorb this culture.


Sharikou, Ph.D said...

i would love to disagree with you but current events only shows you are correct.

Anonymous said...

what happened to you SHARIKOU!?!??!

Anonymous said...

Actually ATI has been behind on many product releases without AMD. AMD is pushing them to actually meet the target release date, not the other way around.