Solid Q1 2007 for Intel

Quote of the day:
"Congratulations to an excellent quarter... you've manage to reduce your competition into rubble". - Joe Osha, Merrill Lynch's semiconductor analyst at Intel's Q1'2007 earnings report.

"Intel Corporation today announced first-quarter revenue of $8.9 billion, operating income of $1.7 billion, net income of $1.6 billion and earnings per share (EPS) of 27 cents. The results included the effect of a $300-million reversal of previously accrued taxes that increased EPS by approximately 5 cents."


Key to note is that Intel's margins is up at 50.1% beating previous quarters and Q1 forecasts. Historically this sort of news is typical of Intel's performance but market analysts are expecting some level of fall out after AMD's recent warnings. It appears that Intel is unaffected by the price war (or skirmish from Intel's perspective) with AMD after driving units costs improvements and better price mix.

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Anonymous said...

getting a higher GM when the competition is making huge loses is simply amazing. it just takes away whatever excuse AMD will come up with on thursday.