AMD needs $1B by Q3'07 or it's BK

For once maybe AMD will be correct in warning people that it can go bankcrupt this year. Don't tak my word for it:

Barron Online

Advanced Micro Devices will need to raise about $1 billion in equity by the end of the third quarter in order to meet its cash needs for the current year, Merill Lynch semiconductor analyst Joe Osha asserted in a research note this morning.


"...AMD is in the midst of a competitive crisis caused by a hole in its product roadmap, and worsened by several recent poor decisions.” Osha says the company has “made things worse in two ways.”
1) “Buying ATI has left AMD saddled with expensive debt and contributed to the liquidity challenges that the company now faces,”
2) "the company screwed up by its “refusal to acknowledge Intel’s product advantage that came with the launch of the Core microarchitecture during the second half of 2006.”

"...he also warns that AMD faces another technology battle next year, as Intel launches chips at 45nm".

Now before anyone refutes Osha's research on AMD, please state your name and what type of work you do.


Anonymous said...

I think sharky was rite after all he just had the companies confused in his crystal ball of BS.

Intel Fanboi said...

Any info on who Scientia is and who she works for? So much effort, she has to work for AMD. She posts during work hours, but also at various other times around the clock.

Anonymous said...

Scientia is the bitch boy of AMD's viral marketing team. Duh!

Roborat, Ph. D. said...

i think Scientia is a "he".
One thing's for sure, he doesn't work for either intel, amd or any semicon company.