AMD loses to an abacus in Performance/watt

It’s another very quiet announcement from AMD, obviously embarrassed by an underwhelming product launch.

AMD Athlon™ 64 single-core processors 3500+ and 3800+ Energy Efficient (45w)
AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 dual-core processor 6000+ (performs between Intel’s 6600 & 6700)

"Our relentless focus on customer-centric innovation and industry leadership in performance-per-watt enables AMD to offer the market new energy-efficient AMD Athlon 64 processors. We expect that our commercial and consumer customers, as well as end-users, will be pleased with both the low noise and small form factor designs possible using this latest generation of energy-efficient desktop processors," said Bob Brewer, corporate vice president, Desktop Division, AMD.

Customer-centric innovation: As opposed to what centric? I thought the corporate consultant jargons are already passé. These are pre-Enron management double talk that raises alarm bells to analysts. One can understand how hard it is for AMD to talk plainly these days.
Leadership in performance-per-watt: Another open ended claim as the performance-per-watt graph is a long line that goes through multiple segments of the computing world. I can bet you that my abacus can make calculations with less than 1 calorie of energy. The obsessive emphasis of AMD on performance-per-watt simply highlights the already obvious fact that they have no product with “PERFORMANCE”.
Low noise and small form factor designs: This makes it clear that the DTX AMD is trying to promote is just a strategy of segmenting the market to find a niche. A shift of its single core volume running to a niche low energy-higher ASP segment is a good strategy. Unfortunately, Intel has this segment cornered as well.


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